Newfoundland and Labrador, Construction Management, CMR, Project Management

SEM has a significant amount of experience with construction management in Newfoundland and Labrador. From the construction of large, province wide transmission lines to the construction of riverine habitat for fish offsetting, SEM construction managers have excelled and delivered.

Safety, Construction, NL

SITE SAFETY                 

Safety is a core value at SEM. SEM has a number of members responsible for safety around the office and in the field but additionally, SEM has provided numerous safety representatives for major construction projects across the province.

Environmental Monitoring, Assessment, Surveying


Environmental Monitoring (EM) is another large aspect of how SEM can support large construction projects. SEM supplied environmental monitors for several large power-line construction companies including Rokstad, Valard, and NL Hydro. SEM has also supplied EMs for several mining companies as well, including IOC and Wabush Mines.

Project manager, Construction management


SEM has supplied construction monitors for a wide variety of projects across the island. The majority of this work has come from large scale hydroelectric generation construction projects including the construction of the TL-267 transmission line which stretches from Bay D'Espoir to Chapel Arm, NL.