Provision of Environmental Services is at the core of SEM’s capabilities and the company has been providing a broad range of services to clients for the past 15 years. 


Environmental compliance, environmental monitoring, SEM Ltd

Environmental Compliance & effects monitoring

• Compliance Monitoring Design

• Aquatic Environmental Effects Monitoring

• Terrestrial Environmental Effects Monitoring

• Metal Mining Effluent Regulations Effects Monitoring

• Design of EEM Programs

• Ships Track and Ice Surveys

Fish habitat, water and sediment, wildlife surveys

Environmental Baseline Studies

• Freshwater Fish and Fish Habitat

• Marine Fish and Fish Habitat

• Wildlife Surveys

• Water and Sediment Quality

• Terrestrial

Habitat compensation

Fish Habitat Compensation

• Fish Habitat Quantification

• Fish Habitat Compensation Planning (FHCPs)

• Conceptual Project Design

• Detailed Engineering Design

• Construction Management

• Site Inspection Services

• Post Project Monitoring

Environmental Planning, Assessment Management, and Authorizations

Environmental Planning

• Environmental Assessment Management (Federal, Provincial and Territorial Processes)

• Environmental Impact Statement Development

• Strategic Environmental Assessments

• Fisheries Act Authorizations

• Environmental Protection Planning

• Contingency Planning/Emergency Response

Bio engineering, fish passage, fish passage design and development

FIsh PAssage bio-engineering

• Evaluation and Assessment of Fish Passage Requirements

• Upstream and Downstream Fish Passage Solutions

• Conceptual and Detailed Design

• Functional, Hydraulic and Structural Design

• Development of Biological Criteria to Support Fish Passage Design

• Cost Estimating, Project Planning, Administration and Construction

• Scientific Evaluation of Fish Passage Effectiveness

Environmental Remediation

• Site Assessments

• Remediation Planning

• Water and Sediment Quality

• Permits and Authorizations