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SEM has expanded to include a comprehensive line of historic resources and archaeological services to meet the demand of various development and research projects in the province.

Services provided include expertise in Precontact and Historic-Period archaeology, as well as archival, documentary and other related types of background research, overview and detailed impact assessments, and development of historic resources mitigation and management plans.

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SEM’s services in the Archaeology and Historic Resources include:

•Historic resources overview and impact assessments in accordance with provincial legislation (Historic Resources Act, 1985);

•Archival / historic documentation review and analysis (including historic and contemporary correspondence, maps and photographs) as well as other types of related background research;

•Archaeological inventories and land surveys, involving visual assessment, and subsurface test pitting and recording;

•Aerial photography and imagery analysis;

•Archaeological excavation for research and mitigative purposes;

•Historic resource management and protection plans for archaeological sites and other types of historic properties and structures;

•Informant interviewing for archaeological research and land-use studies;

•Ethno-archaeological studies;

•Historic resources and archaeological training and awareness programs for construction teams and community development groups and students.