Nic Lachance


Mr. Nicolas Lachance is a bilingual geologist with 12 years of broad range experience in mineral exploration geology, and geotechnical civil engineering work. He has completed a Master's degree in geology at Memorial University in 2015, and a Bachelor’s degree at Université du Québec à Montéal in 2005. He has worked on diverse projects in remote locations across Canada. His experience and education have provided him with a broad range of knowledge in various fields of earth sciences that include environmental geology, geological and surficial mapping, soil mechanics and aggregate analysis.

Some of the professional skills Nic has developed throughout his career include the capacity for analytical thinking, a sense of commitment and dedication to quality, dependability and good communication skills. Recently he has worked as a geotechnical geologist as part of the Lower Churchill transmission line project and for Altius Minerals as an exploration geologist.