Real-Time Data Collection and Management

Through the use of ESRI’s Survey123 and ArcGIS online software, SEM has developed several capabilities to collect, monitor, and quality check data, photos, and other information in real-time. Survey123 is used by field staff for many applications including collecting field data to completing company safety documentation. All this information is then stored in ArcGIS Online which can then be reviewed, managed, and quality checked by personnel in the office. This method of collecting data allows for a more streamlined data collection and quality control which SEM will avail of to produce high quality work for its clients.

ArcGIS Newfoundland, spatial data collection and monitoring, Aerial data, 3D mapping

Real time Spatial data collection and monitoring

Through the use of ArcGIS online, SEM has the capability to setup in field data collection from iPads for real-time monitoring. This is particularly useful for organizing and maintaining consistency for collected field data but also it allows managers to monitor progress from their desktop. This resource was implemented on the NL Hydro's TL-267 transmission line construction project to monitor construction progress of the lifetime of the project.


Integration of field Safety documentation

Through the use of ESRI’s Survey123 and ArcGIS online software, SEM has developed the capability to complete all in-field safety documentation on any tablet or smart phone. The safety documentation is submitted by staff members which can be reviewed in real-time by management to insure that all necessary safety precautions are being met and implemented correctly. Through the usage of this software the documents are easily modifiable to conform to SEM’s varying work environments.