SEM Productions is a division of SEM ltd. which focuses on media production for a wide variety of clients. Non-public work includes training videos, internal orientation videos, and site survey videos.

Leading Edge equipment

SEM Productions is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to using technology in photography and film-making. Through our diverse and capable arsenal of equipment, SEM Productions can produce videos (up to 4K resolution), 360 videos (up to 8K resolution), and many other formats to meet client specifications. Combined with the usage of camera stabilization systems, we can produce smooth and steady video from any platform including helicopter, UAV / drone, vehicle, or even on foot.

Drone camera

Zenmuse x5s

The Zenmuse X5S is our main camera for shooting aerial video and is equipped on the DJI Inspire 2. This camera is capable of recording video in 4k at 60 fps and captures 20.8 megapixel stills. Its 3 axis gimbal stabilization system allows for smooth and stable footage.

Insta360 8K 360 virtual reality video

insta360 pro

The Insta360 pro is a 360 camera which feature six 200 degree lenses which are stitched together to create a seamless 8K ultra-high definition immersive experience. With this device virtual tours can be created that allow the viewer to experience any location from their computer.

Video stabilization

moza guru 360 air

The Moza Guru 360 Air is a 3-axis gimbal stablization system with an increased payload to handle large 360 cameras. Specifically, this system is paired with the Insta360 pro. The gimbal allows the capture of smooth 360 video when moving. 

Vibration isolator, video stabilization for vehicles

Cloud mount vibration isolator

The Cloud Mount Vibration Isolator allows our stabilization systems to work more efficiently with less strain on the motors. It will also remove any small vibrations that the gimbals cannot account for. This system is particularly useful when filming from helicopters or vehicles.


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