SEM has a significant amount of experience with construction management. From the construction of large, province wide transmission lines to the construction of riverine habitat for fish offseting, SEM construction managers have excelled and delivered.


SITE SAFETY                 

Safety is a core value at SEM. SEM has a number of members responsible for safety around the office and in the field but additionally, SEM has provided numerous safety representatives for major construction projects across the province.



Environmental Monitoring (EM) is another large aspect of how SEM can support large construction projects. SEM supplied environmental monitors for several large power-line construction companies including Rokstad, Valard, and NL Hydro. SEM has also supplied EMs for several mining companies as well, including IOC and Wabush Mines.



SEM has supplied construction monitors for a wide variety of projects across the island. The majority of this work has come from large scale hydroelectric generation construction projects including the construction of the TL-267 transmission line which stretches from Bay D'Espoir to Chapel Arm, NL.




SEM has developed capability for the provision of Engineering Services in several key areas. 

The company has developed capability in ice engineering including monitoring ice strength in support of shipping and winter drilling activities.  SEM applied engineering design to develop a unique technology to assure safe travel access across a ships track through landfast ice. The company has also developed considerable expertise in the design and construction of fish habitat in riverine, lacustrine, and marine environments.  SEM also has unique capability in fish passage bio-engineering and have applied this expertise to assist clients regionally, nationally, and internationally.


SEM-Hatch Joint Venture

Hatch and SEM secured contracts with Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. to provide engineering and project management services and other related services in connection with design, build, testing and commissioning of the Voisey's Bay Mine Expansion Project.



Provision of Environmental Services is at the core of SEM’s capabilities and the company has been providing a broad range of services to clients for the past 15 years. 


Knoll Lake 40.jpg

Environmental Compliance & effects monitoring

• Compliance Monitoring Design

• Aquatic Environmental Effects Monitoring

• Terrestrial Environmental Effects Monitoring

• Metal Mining Effluent Regulations Effects Monitoring

• Design of EEM Programs

• Ships Track and Ice Surveys


Environmental Baseline Studies

• Freshwater Fish and Fish Habitat

• Marine Fish and Fish Habitat

• Wildlife Surveys

• Water and Sediment Quality

• Terrestrial


Fish Habitat Compensation

• Fish Habitat Quantification

• Fish Habitat Compensation Planning (FHCPs)

• Conceptual Project Design

• Detailed Engineering Design

• Construction Management

• Site Inspection Services

• Post Project Monitoring

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Environmental Planning

• Environmental Assessment Management (Federal, Provincial and Territorial Processes)

• Environmental Impact Statement Development

• Strategic Environmental Assessments

• Fisheries Act Authorizations

• Environmental Protection Planning

• Contingency Planning/Emergency Response

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FIsh PAssage bio-engineering

• Evaluation and Assessment of Fish Passage Requirements

• Upstream and Downstream Fish Passage Solutions

• Conceptual and Detailed Design

• Functional, Hydraulic and Structural Design

• Development of Biological Criteria to Support Fish Passage Design

• Cost Estimating, Project Planning, Administration and Construction

• Scientific Evaluation of Fish Passage Effectiveness

Environmental Remediation

• Site Assessments

• Remediation Planning

• Water and Sediment Quality

• Permits and Authorizations



The geoscience service line offers the services of a qualified Professional Geologists registered under the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador. The division contains geologists with over 25 years combined experience in quarry management, industrial and economic mineral work, aggregate resource exploration,  geotechnical/geological engineering and much more. Our staff has the knowledge and experience surrounding regulatory requirements, and how to navigate projects though the process.


Quarry Design & Management

•3D modeling

•Geological engineering of quarry development design

•Municipal /Provincial permitting

•Annual quarry returns and renewal 

•Research identifying new sources of aggregate material

•Project advancement of bulk offshore aggregate export market  projects

•Governmental /Stakeholder liaison

•Sourcing of high quality quarry aggregate materials for specific projects

Aggregate & Rock Quarry Resource Assessment

•Drone surveying including centimeter scale topography and orthoimagery

•Test pitting or core drilling to assess aggregate/rock quality

•Resources categorized as per National Instrument (NI) 43-101 criteria by a qualified person

Quarry Materials Exploration

•    Quarry Material Exploration Licence applications

•    All related permitting to carry out exploration program

•    Field exploration program design, logistics and execution

•    Sampling for resource quality/quantity

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Quarry Environmental Assessment Registration & Water Management Plans

•Project specific  EA registration documents for undertakings requiring environmental review

•Development of water management plans and related permitting to comply with the Water Resources  Act

•Field and/or desktop environmental review of project

•EA registration documents for undeveloped  sites or the expansion of developed sites

•Correspondence and Follow-up with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment


Quarry Lease Plans

Complete set of lease plans for submission to the Department of Natural Resources Mineral Lands & Mineral Development Divisions, these include:

•    Quarry development and phase design

•    Rehabilitation plan

•    Closure and financial assurance plan

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Mineral Exploration

•    Mineral exploration project management

•    Geological sampling, mapping and core logging

•    Geological data interpretation

•    Drone surveying ranging from trench site to property scale

•    Mineral claim staking, permitting, etc.

•    Assessment report writing

•    Sourcing of qualified geologist for field and/or project management tasks




A large aspect of most project reporting at SEM includes the generation of maps to aid in project visualization. SEM has on staff several GIS personnel capable of mapping using ArcGIS software.


Most of SEM's work with remote sensing comes from our aerial surveys using UAVs. Our fleet of UAVs can provide orthomosaic imagery with much higher resolution then traditional satellite based imagery. This imagery can allow clients to get a better understanding of their project area and reoccuring flights can help with progress monitoring.


Using advanced software SEM has the capability to spatially analyse large data sets for various project needs. This includes many functions such as 3D modelling and analysis, ecological land classification, and image classification.


Real time Spatial data collection and monitoring

Through the use of ArcGIS online, SEM has the capability to setup in field data collection from iPads for real-time monitoring. This is particularly useful for organizing and maintaining consistency for collected field data but also it allows managers to monitor progress from their desktop.

Bathymetry mapping

SEM has performed bathymetric studies for clients in the past. In 2016 SEM staff completed a singlebeam cross-sectional survey of the Exploits River from Red Indian Lake to Red Cliff as well as surveys of Badger Brook and Badger Lakes.



Recruitment of qualified and experienced personnel has been an important service line with the continuing growth of large scale construction projects on the Island. The positions SEM have supplied to clients inlcude:


Construction MAnagement REPRESENTATIVE (CMR)

SEM has supplied construction management representatives (CMRs) for a wide variety of construction projects across the province. In 2017, SEM supplied NL Hydro with CMRs for many construction projects including the TL-267 transmission line construction, work at Holyrood's thermal generation plant, and also for work at a large hydroelectric penstock in Bay D'espoir.


Safety REpresentitives 

SEM supplied qualified safety representatives for recent construction of the transmission line expansions throughout Newfoundland on behalf of Nalcor.  Our safety representatives were responsible for handling all aspects of in field safety management and oversight of contractors on behalf of Nalcor.


Environmental Monitors 

Environmental Monitors are a resource which SEM supplies regularly.  We have supplied monitors for various exploration drill programs throughout northern Labrador; our monitors have been engaged on the Muskrat Falls project in Labrador as well as for components built on the island.  We have also supplied environmental monitors for mining operations in Labrador West, including for Wabush Mines and IOC.



SEM has provided engineering personnel for the Voisey’s Bay Mine Expansion Project and offers consulting engineer services to meet specific client demands.



SEM has a fleet of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) available to meet client mapping and aerial imaging demands. Using a combination of fixed wing and rotary UAS and a team of trained staff, SEM are capable of providing support to a variety of applications.

Our UAV group has utilized its skills to capture aerial imagery in support of large scale engineering projects (e.g., providing a fine scale georeferenced topographic model of the Voisey’s Bay Mine site) and to monitor ongoing construction activities (IOC’s Wabush 3 expansion, for example).  We are also further developing our skills to capture high end aerial videos to support production of promotional videos for several prominent projects.



Using the latest in UAV technology SEM meets and exceeds industry demands. SEM has proven its capability of breaking new ground with approving a UAV beyond visible line of sight (BLOS) using a ground based radar to clear the airspace. SEM conducts all drone flights under full regulatory compliance – we have trained pilots, our operations are Transport Canada compliant and we are fully insured.


Many of the UAV systems that are used at SEM incorporate the use of survey equipment to insure that the data collected is highly accurate. We are experienced in working from provincial control monuments or creating our own if required.



sensefly - EBEE Plus

The newer version of the eBee RTK. This fixed wing UAV added some redundancy to our fixed wing fleet. This system much larger than the original eBee RTK and therefore holds a larger battery payload which allows much longer flight times.


sensefly - ebee rtk

The eBee RTK is a fixed wing UAV produces imagery that is referenced with survey grade accuracy. In post-processing through photogrammetry, digital elevation models or contours can be created. RBG or a NIR camera can be used depending on the application.



The inspire is a rotary drone similar to the Phantom but with massive upgrades in payload, flight time, wind resistance, and functionality. The zenmuse x5s camera and stabilzed gimbal provide high resolution 4k video for detailed inspections or aerial photography.



A basic rotary UAV equipped with stabalized gimbal and GoPro camera. Useful for capturing aerial video or photography.


Quadh20 - hexh20

This is the heavy lifter of the SEM fleet. With six powerful motors this UAV has the largest payload of any UAV in our fleet. The combination of power and bouyancy allow this UAV to land and takeoff from standing water which is particularily useful for water sampling in remote locations.



Scenic - Torngat.JPG
Working - Stream Assessment.JPG

SEM has expanded to include a comprehensive line of historic resources and archaeological services to meet the demand of various development and research projects in the province. Services provided include expertise in Precontact and Historic-Period archaeology, as well as archival, documentary and other related types of background research, overview and detailed impact assessments, and development of historic resources mitigation and management plans.



SEM’s services in the Archaeology and Historic Resources include:

•Historic resources overview and impact assessments in accordance with provincial legislation (Historic Resources Act, 1985);

•Archival / historic documentation review and analysis (including historic and contemporary correspondence, maps and photographs) as well as other types of related background research;

•Archaeological inventories and land surveys, involving visual assessment, and subsurface test pitting and recording;

•Aerial photography and imagery analysis;

•Archaeological excavation for research and mitigative purposes;

•Historic resource management and protection plans for archaeological sites and other types of historic properties and structures;

•Informant interviewing for archaeological research and land-use studies;

•Ethno-archaeological studies;

•Historic resources and archaeological training and awareness programs for construction teams and community development groups and students.