Corinna Wentzell
Environmental Co-Ordinator

Corinna Wentzell has a Bachelor of Science Degree, double majoring in Environmental Science and International Development Studies from Dalhousie University. Since joining the SEM team in Labrador West, Corinna has been involved in the majority of the field work taking place in Labrador City and Wabush including compliance water sampling, ground water sampling, and stream and lake flow analysis.

She has worked as an Environmental Advisor for the Iron Ore Company of Canada and Labrador Coordinator for the Protected Areas Association, giving her a wide variety of skills pertaining to environmental quality and regulations, conservation, and networking. Born and raised in Labrador City, Corinna has extensive knowledge of the climate, community, and industries in Lab West. Corinna’s research interests include: food sustainability in cold weather climates, entomology and waste management.

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