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Employment Opportunities

SEM provides a wide variety of services to meet industry needs including construction management, engineering, environmental permitting, approvals and monitoring, UAV imagery & mapping, GIS & remote sensing, video capture, production and presentation.

Additionally, we provide professional services to several companies through standing offers. Our service line is as diverse as our personnel base and we excel at multidisciplinary projects.

SEM Team Member doing environmental monitoring

Job Postings

The personnel search is now closed. If you have experience that fits our services and would like to work with the SEM team please feel free to submit a general application below.

General Application Submission

SEM is constantly communicating with professionals in the industry so that we build a strong resource pool to help fill roles when required by our clients. SEM is a leader in resource management and procurement in Newfoundland and Labrador and we hope that your next job is with us!

Please click the link below to submit your resume and to provide information that will help us select you for our next job opportunity. Alternatively you can send your resume directly to

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SEM Team Member
SEM Team Member
SEM Team Member

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