SEM offers specialized services to fit the Aquaculture industry. We are helping our clients build a sustainable future, together.
The innovative cultivation of aquatic life, offers a promising solution to global food security. Sustainable production in controlled environments eases pressure on depleted wild fisheries and preserves marine ecosystems. Aquaculture exemplifies a forward-looking path to harmonize these crucial elements.
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Environmental Compliance

As the industry grows, so does the need for effective environmental management. SEM provides the guidance and support to ensure regulatory standards for environmental protection are met.

Baseline and Fish Habitat Surveys

Baseline surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of potential aquaculture sites, environmental conditions, and suitability for fish or shellfish farming. This helps inform your site selection and management decisions for sustainable operations.

Water Testing and Profiling

Our specialized technicians and scientists can analyze samples from your aquaculture sites to assess the levels of pollutants and nutrients in the water and sediments. This data is used to manage water quality, prevent disease outbreaks, and ensure safety.

Multimedia Capture and Production

SEM's state of the art technology can capture high resolution imagery to help inform your operation's ongoing success.

RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System)

RPAS operations provide an efficient and cost-effective method for monitoring and managing aquaculture operations. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors collect data on fish behavior, and site conditions, allowing for real-time decision-making. SEM's production division can also produce promotional, VR and 360 orientation videos to suit your needs.

Underwater Video Surveys

Underwater video surveys provide non-invasive monitoring to assess the health and productivity of aquaculture operations. These surveys capture high-resolution video footage of fish behavior, feeding patterns, and habitat suitability to identify potential issues and optimize production.

GIS Services

We offer specialized expertise and equipment to accurately map underwater terrain for environmental monitoring.

LiDAR Surveys

LiDAR surveys provide a detailed three-dimensional view of the environment, allowing for precise mapping of underwater features and topography. This information can be used to optimize site selection, improve infrastructure design, and monitor changes in the environment over time.

Multibeam and Singlebeam Bathymetric Surveys

These surveys map the seafloor and detect objects found in the water column or along the seafloor to prevent collisions, increase safety and provide robust data.

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