SEM is on the ground floor of the development of renewable energy in our province and in northern Canada.

Through projects and partnerships with local and international developers, SEM is already hard at work in the next phase of energy development. Renewables provide a cleaner, healthier and less environmentally harmful alternative to non-renewables, and aid in the protection of our planet for future generations.

Pre-Feasibility Studies

Starting each project plan with an environmental lens ensures renewable energy is actually clean energy. We help clients verify that projects will have a minimal impact on the local environment, while contributing to mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

Regulatory Mapping

We are experts at navigating the evolving world of environmental regulations. By mapping out the processes a potential project would undergo, we can help create efficiencies in project schedule and design from an early stage.

Environmental Constraints Mapping

From sensitive wildlife areas, critical species at risk habitat, and sensitive wetlands, to conflicting resource use, we identify barriers to development. Our experts can coordinate with multi-disciplinary teams to provide guidance on sources of friction for any project from an environmental lens.

Osprey in its nest constructed on top of a bird nest pole.

Wildlife Management

Baseline surveys and pre-construction monitoring completed before a project is chosen help determine potential effects to local flora and fauna. We guide clients in choosing the project with the lowest impact on natural systems, and work with them to monitor and manage future effects.

Pre-Construction Surveys and Monitoring

Identifying vulnerable components of the environment is essential to designing strategies that will minimize effects. We are specialized at surveying habitat for many important wildlife species such as birds, bats or fish.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

Once a project has been approved, SEM completes ongoing bird and bat acoustic monitoring, rare plant and lichen surveys, and more to help determine and prevent long term effects to wildlife.

Geomatics Services

From data capture pre-project, to wind turbine inspections with UAV and high-definition imagery, we have the tools and experience to provide visuals and data for every phase of your renewable energy project.

Data Capture

Our LiDAR system allows SEM’s drone operators and mapping professionals to scan sites with accuracy, precision, and flexibility from both the air and on-foot.

Data Processing

LiDAR scanning allows us to produce more accurate maps, digital elevation models, high resolution point clouds, and to gather data for use in geographic information systems

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