Mining & Exploration.

We are NL's Mining Support Consultants.

SEM's four divisions were developed over time to support all consulting needs of the mining industry.


Professional Environmental Consulting Services.

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Cross-platform, multi-media productions that convey your message, and deliver results.


Data capture, processing, and analysis using the latest in high-end technology.

Project Services

Highly qualified professionals for all of your construction projects.

Environmental Compliance

Enforcement of regulatory environmental guidelines are at the forefront of mining operations. We’re here to help navigate those challenges.

EA Registration

Our scientists are experts in desktop research, field studies, and writing enhanced environmental assessment documents. We deliver robust analyses of project environmental impacts for a variety of clients.


Complex permitting doesn’t have to delay the development of your project. We are experienced with local, provincial, and federal applications and approvals.

Environmental Remediation

Stakeholder Consultations

SEM supports stakeholder consultation and engagement that's based on creating long term relationships.

Consultation Planning

Who are your stakeholders? What do they need to hear? How do you tell them? A consultation plan is the first step for opening the doors of communication in the right ways at the right time.

Stakeholder Engagement

Keeping your stakeholders engaged is an increasingly important element of every mining or exploration project. SEM can help.

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From exploration to rehabilitation and everything in between. We know mining.
Wetlands delineation


LiDAR + RTK enables your mining, utility, or offshore operations to unlock their full potential.

Data Capture

Our LiDAR system allows SEM’s drone operators and mapping professionals to scan sites with accuracy, precision, and flexibility from both the air and on-foot.

Data Processing

LiDAR scanning allows us to produce more accurate maps, digital elevation models, high resolution point clouds, and to gather data for use in geographic information systems.

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