Tacora Resources - Site Orientation Video

Completed For:
Tacora Resources
Wabush, NL
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Services Rendered:

  • Drone Videography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production

Tacora Resources reached out to us because they wanted to modernize their site orientation materials.

We recorded aerial, ground, and vehicle-mounted footage for this project. Using motion graphics and narration, a concise and informative orientation video was created.

In tandem to the orientation video, we conducted an aerial survey of their blast pattern and later recorded the blast. Tacora was able to use the 3D models of the pre and post blast to review the displaced raw material. The versatility of the SEM Productions team allows for quantitative and qualitative data capture in the same site visit.

This project was made available to Tacora Resources as a 1080p video which they now use as a part of their onboarding process. As it is intended for internal use, we will not be providing a link.