Celebrating our Inuit History - National Indigenous Day 2022

Nicole Button
June 27, 2022

June 21 is National Indigenous People’s Day in Canada. It’s a day to celebrate and reflect on the culture, knowledge, and history of the many Indigenous groups in our country. It is especially important for us at SEM, as an Inuit founded and owned company.

Born from the need for more Indigenous expertise and representation in environmental consultation, SEM’s full name is Sikumiut Environmental Management. Sikumiut, an Inuit word for “people of the sea ice”, beautifully ties together our beginnings and the place we started, Nain, Labrador. We also chose an ulu as our company logo. An ulu is a multi-purpose tool traditionally used for everything from cooking and hunting, to making clothing and cutting hair. It is diverse and powerful in its application, much like our services and people.

Over the years SEM has grown into a multi-division consulting firm, branching out from the environmental sector into construction management and support, multimedia productions, and geomatics. Though like our history, everything ties back to the environment in which we live and work. An environment that inspires us to adapt, innovate, and advance.

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