Our response to COVID-19

Crystal Kehoe
January 29, 2021

How We're Handling COVID-19

Employees, including management staff and subcontractors, are responsible and accountable for overall health & safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for safety excellence and the general comfort and well-being of our employees. SEM supports coordination of health & safety procedures among all personnel on projects site and during all day-to-day business operations. This policy also covers work that requires travel and will aim to protect our workers from the time they depart to the time they return.

SEM supports participation in the COVID-19 Safety Program by all personnel and is committed to providing the proper equipment, training and necessary resources to reduce likelihood of exposure and potential transmission of the virus.

All personnel are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, and, wherever possible, improving safety measures.

Management will be responsible for providing health and safety advice and ensuring site personnel perform their assigned work activities safely and follow all safety procedures.

It is the goal of SEM to strive towards a safe environment as it relates to COVID-19 for all its workers, sub-contractors, client contacts and members of the community. To achieve this goal, SEM has created the following documents for implementation into our OH&S Program:

  • SEM COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure
  • SEM COVID-19 Self-Inspection Form

All documents will be available to clients for quality control purposes.


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