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Offshore Green Energy

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To ensure environmental protection in offshore areas, environmental effects monitoring programs are paramount in providing data about changes in the environment.

EEM programs start with historical information gathering about species, sediment, and water. After a historical review, comprehensive field studies are completed to capture a baseline of the environment before any development has occurred.

This baseline data is then compared to data sampled over the course of a project. Further studies and laboratory analysis of samples ensures that any changes are observed, and that they’re within federal and provincial guidelines.

Offshore EEM
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All EEM data is compiled and analysed by our scientists, changes are documented, and it is determined if changes are a result of a natural process or linked to a project. A full EEM report is submitted to CNLOPB, the DFO, and Environment and Climate Change Canada. This process is cyclical so that environmental effects are investigated on a continuous basis.
SEM has 10 years of experience running EEM programs in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our proven track record in this field and the experience of our biologists, environmental scientists, and environmental chemists make us a leading local EEM team.

Offshore EEM
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Offshore EEM

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