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Chris Hearn

A passionate outdoorsman with a strong connection to the natural world, Chris gained experience in Field Wildlife Techniques while a student of Fish and Wildlife Program at CNA and a bachelor degree in Biology, Ecology and Conservation from MUN. Chris worked as a Park Ranger for 9 years gaining experience conserving and protecting natural areas by enforcing environmental legislation, fostering positive interactions of people and environment, monitoring, and maintaining the park.

Chris has created various field projects such as camper outdoor education activities and American Eel trapping for Species at Risk information for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. He has taken on numerous projects gaining experience in data collection and report writing including Plant Watch, Budworm tracking, and Muskrat monitoring. In 2015 he travelled to the Pacaya Samaria National Reserve, Peru in the Amazon rainforest as a research Assistant with Operation Wallacea where he spent close to a month completing an array of field data collection techniques.‍

Mountain biking is one of Chris’ go to activities that couples his love of the outdoors and going fast. In2018 he co-founded St. John’s Enduro Series Inc., a mountain bike race series that has since become very successful. Now a director with this new non-profit, he hopes to continue to support and grow the community in the future.‍

Chris joined the team at SEM in early August 2021, and has been working on projects including Species at Risk Assessments and stream surveys, and is excited to get to work on more. 

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