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Dave Scruton
Senior Scientist

Mr. Scruton has 34+ years of experience as a research scientist and research manager working with federal and provincial governments and as an environmental consultant.  He has considerable knowledge experience in study and assessment of mercury bioaccumulation in fish in Newfoundland and Labrador, in both natural systems and hydroelectric reservoirs. He was involved in the COMERN (Collaborative Mercury Research network), a NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) funded strategic research network.   He has coordinated and conducted a diverse research program on knowledge of relationships between fish and their habitats, effects of human activities on fish and fish habitat, means to mitigate and compensate for habitat losses, and application of knowledge to development of models and tools for predictions, impact assessment, and habitat development.

He led and managed a number of large national and international programs on fish habitat research and conducted collaborative research with the utility sector, pulp and paper companies, fishing industry, and transportation sector.  He was, and still is, active in academia as an adjunct professor and supervisor of graduate students.  He has authored over 200 scientific and technical publications including: 70+ in scientific journals, 40+ technical reports, 10+ special publications, seven book chapters, 70+ conference proceedings, and 20 + popular articles or internal reports.  Since joining SEM as Senior Scientist, he has assumed project lead on several ongoing environmental effects monitoring programs, fish habitat compensation projects, baseline studies, and has developed a discussion paper on the biological and ecological evolution of hydroelectric reservoirs.

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