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Gus Dicker
Senior Manager

Mr. Dicker was born in Nain and grew up on the land hunting, trapping and fishing first with his father and later with other respected hunters from Nain and north.  His knowledge and experience is grounded in Inuit custom and practices and Inuttitut is his first language. Following a few years at residential school he completed courses at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Marine Institute focusing on the fishery and went on to manage the fish plant in Nain for 15 years.  His experience in management, his skills with people and his knowledge of his environment contributed to his role as co-lead hunter in the management of the Labrador Inuit commercial caribou hunt, and more recently as one of the managers for the Torngat Mountains National Park base camp.

Gus has used his experience and knowledge to work with industry and with government in developing wildlife and environmental baselines and conducting resource harvesting studies and has been a technical expert at environmental assessment hearings blending his Inuit knowledge with western science.

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