Heather Murphy
Environmental Scientist

Heather has experience working in the environmental sector on projects ranging from mining, offshore oil and gas, hydroelectric facilities and large scale transmission projects. However, her roots started as an aquatic biologist with the Department of Natural Resources working on the technical review committee for provincial environmental assessments. Her professional experience over the last 11 years working as a consultant and regulator has provided her with a well-rounded approach to liaising with private and public entities to move projects forward. 
Over the last 7years Heather has been fully immersed in the Lower Churchill Project as a Permits and Environmental Coordinator. Being part of the Environment and Regulatory Compliance team on this massive project has provided her with valuable and broad project experience. Some of her experience includes working on environmental effects monitoring programs (from large mammals to benthic invertebrates), protection plans, environmental auditing, compliance monitoring, permits coordination, environmental risk assessments and much more. 


Heather also has experience and training in ArcGIS and analysis of spatial data. Some of her project experience in includes caribou management, land use planning for the Nunatsiavut Government, Muskrat Falls environmental constraints analysis, CFB pesticide use programs, environmental assessment, and quarry planning for transmission projects.

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